Types of Medical Billing Software

As a medical biller and coder dealing with insurance is an everyday occurrence can sometimes be a continuous hassle. Today billing software programs are available to alleviate the headache many medical billers face when working with insurance companies.

The billing process itself can be a headache with having to gather data for insurance claim forms, entering patient and/or medical practice management accounting programs, patient information, invoices, insurance card duplicates and insurance information, etc. Medical billing software is only one example of software programs available for the smooth operation of the medical office as a whole. Due to the sensitive nature of the information and the skill that is involved to ensure there is low cost for error, training is required for the proper software handling, there is no question that these various software programs will make your job as a billing professional more efficient and free of errors.

Below is a list of some of the more popular medical billing and coding software on the market.

1. Lytec is medical billing software that ensures medical information is protected through the encrypted database that Lytec offers. The software itself offers up a variety of features and it will even send out an alert to you the user when a payment is due either from the patient or through the insurance company which will make your “soft” collection efforts that more easier. You are also able to closely monitor and manage the patient’s insurance claims and co-payments.

2. If you have been performing your own medical billing software research then you may have come across the medical billing software Medisoft. It can be found in many medical offices and is even used in medical billing and coding training schools as a part of their standard curriculum. This program incorporates many billing functions:

  • Reporting accounts that are past due
  • Payment tracking
  • Generating invoices

What makes Medisoft different from other medical billing software programs? It can be configured to automatically send clients and patient’s information on their outstanding balance every month.

3. For offices that are looking to boost their productivity, effectiveness to allow for them to pay more attention to patient care then they turn to CollaborateMD. This medical billing program helps the medical biller get the medical provider paid in a timely fashion by submitting claims electronically. CollaborateMD uses internet-based and on-demand practice management.

4. PIMS (Patient Information Management Solutions) is a billing program that provides doctors and other health care providers even those that work in clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and private practices a wealth of billing solutions. PIMS makes it possible for offices to manage multiple accounts, locations and other services. PIMS is known as all-in-one medical billing software.

5. Another full service billing program is eClinicalWorks, in addition to the programs normal billing features this software also allows for several medical offices to link their patient information through a secure network. This is important for medical providers that have several specialties and various locations. In 2004 eClinicalWorks was awarded with the “Best in Klas Award”, a prestigious award in the medical billing industry.

6. NueMD handles more than just billing. Aside from the standard billing transactions, this software is designed to be a complete medical management program. It is setup to allow providers to submit claims and verify patient eligibility. Due to the NueMD program being web based program the licensing is cheaper.

7. Medinotes allows for all types of patient information to be stores in the programs database alongside billing information. Some of the other information able to be stored in Medinotes includes:

  • Medications
  • Allergy
  • Patient medical history

This type of information makes it easier for a medical billing specialist to go through the patients records and view the procedures that need to be billed. All records within the programs database are protected via a password which complies with HIPPA privacy laws.

8. One of the newest billing programs to hit the market is Antamedia. It is a program that can be incorporated into virtually any size medical office. This program also incorporates different levels of security to ensure that patient privacy is met and that the information can be accessed when needed by doctors and other members of the medical team. Much like Medinotes, Antamedia organizes:

  • Patient information
  • Medical history
  • Allergy charts
  • Current medications and procedures
  • Standard billing functions
  • Patient appointment
  • Generated detailed reports