Medical Billers Guide to Handling Rejected Claims

Medical billing and coding is the process in the health care revenue cycle where services to insured patients are recorded and appropriate reimbursement claims are submitted to Health Insurance Companies for settlement. The medical billing and reimbursement claims processing between the health care service providers like physicians, clinics or hospitals and the health insurance companies […]

The Medical Billing Process of Filing Insurance Claims

The health care revenue cycle is managed by medical billers and coders. The process is very important in the administrative side of health care because this process enables physicians to get paid for all the life saving services they rendered to patients who opt to pay for medical services using their medical insurance coverage. Without […]

The Typical Medical Billing Practice

The medical billing and coding process is the part of the health care system that manages the health care revenue cycle and is focused on health insurance claims submission and monitoring. The professionals in this field coordinate with representatives of the health insurance companies to file reimbursements for services rendered to insurance policy holders who […]