What is The CMS-1500 Claim Form and How to Use It

sample cms 1500 forum

Even though many of the billing claims forms can be done via medical billing and coding software. Paper claims are still being used in a large number of medical offices worldwide. The paper claim filing form is known as the CMS (Centers for … [Continue reading]

Training Basics

basics of training

If you are serious about making medical billing and coding a career then you will have to go through extensive training programs from a college or vocational school. Some medical billing programs are able to be completed within a year or less, even … [Continue reading]

Knowing What it Takes To Be A Medical Biller and Coder


What many do not realize is that a medical coder is in fact NOT a medical biller and vice-versa. Regardless of this fact, the two do work hand in hand. Medical coders and medical billers work revolve completely around the doctors, other healthcare … [Continue reading]

Medical Billing And Coding Frequently Asked Questions

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I am sure you have seen commercials and the various ads about the medical billing and coding field and that it is a rich and rewarding career. Some of those ads are for vocational schools that are there to provide their students with the proper … [Continue reading]