Terminology Part 2


The Significance of Medical Billing and Coding Terminology On a daily basis medical billers and coders review medical reports and documents to maintain accurate records, assign codes and identify any data needed to process claims and submit them. … [Continue reading]

Terminology Part 1


In a nationally recognized medical billing and coding course you will learn the skills necessary to help you earn your certification and prepare you to be a medical billing and coding professional. One portion of the course that you will have to pay … [Continue reading]

Types of Medical Billing Software


As a medical biller and coder dealing with insurance is an everyday occurrence can sometimes be a continuous hassle. Today billing software programs are available to alleviate the headache many medical billers face when working with insurance … [Continue reading]

Working With Medicaid and Medicare Patients


While the information below is for those that are looking to receive Medicaid or Medicare it is your job as a medical biller and coder to also know the difference between the two the information covered will include: 1. Patient … [Continue reading]