How to Start Your Own Billing Business Part 2

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Considering Startup Costs for Your Business The startup costs should not include the money you need for just your business alone but also the cost of education. The startup costs could be as much as $5,000. However, that is just an approximation … [Continue reading]

How to Start Your Own Billing Business Part 1


The medical coding and billing business has grown in the past few years and according to a study conducted by the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics (, it will continue to grow in years to come. This also means that while the demand … [Continue reading]

Electronic Medical Billing Software Maintaing Privacy


Medical billing software is used by a variety of health care providers on a daily basis to keep track of accounts and to determine the amount of how much has been paid in total and how much is left to still be paid through claims and invoices. Due to … [Continue reading]

Avoiding Home Medical Billing Scams

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The industry of medical billing from home is an ever-growing field and there are several companies in operation that are spending hundreds of dollars in advertising online, in your newspaper and even your local PennySavers to take advantage of those … [Continue reading]