CPT Basic Coding Video

Basic Coding exercise using the CPT coding book published by the AMA for Chapter 7 of the Medical Coding and Billing 1 class. The exercise we will be using is on page 267 of the 11th edition... … [Continue reading]

Medical Billing Training Demo

Medical billers are important members of the medical shoreofficewarehouse.com office team. Their vast knowledge, flexibility, and skill comes into play each time a patient is seen by a provider, a claim is coded, billed,... … [Continue reading]

Medical Coding Job Guide

Medical Coding Jobs "I'm a CPC-A, but have no work experience yet." And then other people are like "how do we get a job without the experience?" I want to let you know we are working on another... … [Continue reading]

Medical Billing And Coding Salary

http://salarydetails.com/medical-billing-and-coding-salary The type of medical billing and coding salary an individual can gain will likely be based on what results you could have inside your... … [Continue reading]