Medical Billing Software & Practice Management Software from ADP AdvancedMD

Medical billing software that will help improve your insurance collections and workflows in your entire medical practice. With cloud software you never have to install software or maintain…


  1. TrillionBuks says

    Is there a paired down version for 3rd party outsourced billing companies
    that don’t need all the features a doctors practice needs? I am researching
    software and clearing houses for a billing company I plan to open this
    year. Any info is appreciated.

  2. Angela Murphy says

    Now that you’ve reviewed the benefits of AdvancedMD, you still need to
    decide who will process your practice billing. Contact Angela Murphy at
    Reliable Practice Consultants (866-696-0086) for outsourcing your
    financials using AdvancedMD. Our mission is to provide financial wellness
    for your practice.

  3. Jody Reed says

    I used this for years. I regret it. It was costly and I could not walk
    away. The most expensive application I know of.