CPT Basic Coding Video

Basic Coding exercise using the CPT coding book published by the AMA for Chapter 7 of the Medical Coding and Billing 1 class. The exercise we will be using is on page 267 of the 11th edition…


  1. ilovVeronica says

    Hi! Can you please do more video on finding codes HCPCS & ICD 9. How can
    you tell if you need to look up a cpt code vs an ICD 9 or HCPCS code on a

  2. Heather Rawlings says

    I think I’ve learned more from this video than I have in my CPT online
    class. Instead of basically showing or outlining how to actually look up a
    CPT code we were given a textbook too detaile and a jumbled mess. Thanks
    for posting this. very helpfu.

  3. jenp27 says

    thank you for this video. community college has a horrible online class
    where they think they’re teaching coding. no visuals just book and ur

  4. J J Johnson says

    You are GREAT! Cheers to you! If you are not a teacher you should be, you
    are the best I have seen. You make it soo simple, school make it so
    confusing they tell a bit and they want you to search it and figure it out
    yourself. I wondered why go to college? everything is only Intro and are
    expected to pass a boards??? By the time we all started learning on our own
    the course is over, so we are left trying to figure out other things about
    the coding. Thank YOU! For being on youtube.

  5. Andrew Erickson says

    Why are humans doing this? Seems like a computer program would do this much
    faster and better. 

  6. Yusiley Sierra says

    I want to be able to code actual Operative Reports. As a professor would
    state “This is baby stuff.” Good video nonetheless. This will definitely
    assist those who don’t know the manual. :)

  7. MedBill Learn says

    Thank you everyone for you comments. I can’t believe how many people have
    viewed this video, as I created it for the 18-36 students per semester that
    I teach at a community college. The course is an introduction course. The
    first of 2 online courses on medical billing and coding. In the first
    course, which this video was created for, we spend 2 weeks of the 15 week
    semester covering ICD-9-CM (soon to be ICD-10) coding, and CPT coding. So
    this is a very basic/beginner instructional video. The rest of the course
    we cover health care careers, managed care, regulations, billing, and the
    major players; Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare, BC/BS, etc. and Workers
    Compensation. The second course is all about coding, and our students
    finish prepared to pass the coding exam.

  8. Iahisha21 says

    I need you as my instructor you made this look so easy. But when I took
    this online it was confusing as hell. You had to read them paragraph and
    pick out what was the most severe procedure and code that first. What
    school do you teach at?

  9. Johnny Villena says

    Your video is very informative but my girlfriend could use more help will
    you eventually put up more videos on cpt coding???