CPC Exam Review Excerpt | Medical Coding Certification Prep Excerpt

Medical Coding Certfication http://www.CodingCertification.org/blitz This video is a small example of the Coding Certification Review Blitz video series designed to prepare coders for the…

Medical Coding Certification- EM- Medical Decision Making

Medical Coding Certification http://www.codingcertification.org/freetips-yt Get more cpc exam tips, medical coding training and CEU credits. Determining the level of Medical Decision Making….

Port and Catheter Status Codes Medical Coding

“From the January 2015 Coding Certification Q and A Webinar”: Free for all! Get CEU’s!” Port and Catheter Status Codes Medical Coding Q: (Port and Catheter Status Codes – these are V codes)….

What is Medical Coding?