The Typical Medical Billing Practice

The medical billing and coding process is the part of the health care system that manages the health care revenue cycle and is focused on health insurance claims submission and monitoring. The professionals in this field coordinate with representatives of the health insurance companies to file reimbursements for services rendered to insurance policy holders who […]

Medical Billing Certification Guide

It is common knowledge today that careers in the allied health care services are among the fastest growing. Among these allied health care services is medical billing and coding. Medical billing and coding is a career that involves managing the health care revenue cycle. The professionals in this field takes care of properly converting to […]

5 Things You Should Do to Protect the Privacy of Your Medical Billing Clients

If you are a medical billing specialist, then you should understand the importance of protecting your clients’ privacy. After all, there’s no doubt that you are also at times a patient, and that you want your own privacy protected. What’s more, it’s the law. You really don’t have the option of being careless with patient […]

Knowing What it Takes To Be A Medical Biller and Coder

What many do not realize is that a medical coder is in fact NOT a medical biller and vice-versa. Regardless of this fact, the two do work hand in hand. Medical coders and medical billers work revolve completely around the doctors, other healthcare providers, patients and of course money. The medical biller and coder have […]